Retro/indie games development companies


Psytronik Software
“Releasing new software for retro computers!”

Development company that produces homebrew games as well as hardware kit.

Cronosoft is a software publishing house, which manufactures games for a range of classic computers.

The Mojon Twins
Home of The Mojon Twins. 8-bit developers who have had several games featured in Retroaction in the past view months, so they must be good.

Retro Remakes
“Your number one source for freeware Retro Remakes news and downloads. All the latest news from the Retro Remakes scene, classic games, …”

Ovine Software
“The best new retro remakes freeware games, screensavers and …The home of ovine by design and author of retro remakes and freeware games and screensavers. We have retro style games for download, screensavers and also …”

The Independent Gaming Source
Erm, The Independent Gaming Source.

The New Dimension
The New Dimension is the home of C64 development and news.

A Spanish development group specialising in 8-bit and remake games.

Super Fighter Team
A dedicated provider of brand new, commercially produced games for classic video game systems.

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