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Retroaction is an interactive PDF magazine featuring old and new games on retro platforms such as the Amstrad, Sinclair, Commodore, DOS, Arcade, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, NEC, MSX, Acorn, Apple, and more. Retroaction is released quarterly and features reviews and previews of new games on retro platforms, articles on classic retro games, interviews and articles with people in the retrogaming scene. The magazine is fully interactive with website and email links and takes advantage of PDF functions such as bookmarks, anchors and indexing, all at the click of a mouse button. The team consists of a handful of writers from around the world…

If you need to contact us about anything you can get in touch using the following email address: editor [at] retroactionmagazine [dot] com.

The Team

Nreive (Editor, Designer)

Nreive Nreive came up with the blueprints for Retroaction while working on the Amstrad Action tribute magazine in 2007/08. He also contributes to Retroaction with the odd article here and there as well as trying to maintain this website. He started his retro journey with the Amstrad CPC464, before going onto a Commodore 64 (briefly), a Sega Mega Drive, and a multitude of PCs. Favourite genre is probably sport or strategy (won’t say no to RPGs, adventures, platforms, or FPS though). Favourite game of all time has always been stated as Laser Squad, but a revisit to UFO Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM UFO Defense) in recent years has changed this. The following games are not too far behind either: Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Shining Force, Beneath A Steel Sky, Shinobi (Arcade), Speedball 2, Sensible World of Soccer, Blade Runner (PC version), and Deus Ex.

Gnome (Deputy Editor)

Gnome Gnome is-rather shockingly-not a gnome. He is instead (and oddly) an urban geographer from Greece who first gamed on a cousin’s Atari 2600 only to get a Texas Instruments TI 99/4a a few years later. Gnome, then, went on and grew up with the help of a healthy diet of home computers and PCs, while developing an obsession with all things adventure, strategy and Sensible Software. Sega consoles were never totally ignored either, though the Atari Lynx was always a firm favourite. Among other things and beside our prestigious magazine, Gnome currently writes for the aptly named Gnome’s Lair and Retro Treasures.

Duncan Rule (Writer)

B1_cultist A DOS user born and bred, Duncan’s first exposure to the world of gaming came with the purchase of LucasArts’ classic The Secret of Monkey Island for his (dad’s) clunky old 386 at the dawn of the ’90s. A subsequent encounter with a shareware copy of Doom sparked his life-long obsession with all things first-person. Apart from the PC, Duncan’s favourite systems are the NES and SNES. He is also an avid emulation nut, and enjoys messing about with DOSBox, MAME, Nestopia, and ZSNES on a regular basis. His favourite games are Doom (in all of its various pre-Doom 3 flavours), Blood, Hexen, Maniac Mansion, Contra Spirits, Mortal Kombat II, and the original Grand Theft Auto.

CaptainD (Writer)

CaptainDCaptainD has been playing far too many video games for far too long. From the ZX81 to C16 to Speccy to Atari ST and finally PC (with PS1, GBA, WII along the way), computers and computer games have always been an integral part of his life, so it’s no real surprise that he’s ended up running and writing for several gaming blogs (CaptainD’s PC Gaming Blog, Retro-Gaming and Emulation and Indie Game News). Favourite retro games include Feud, Pirates!, Populous, Millennium 2.2, Taipan, Head over Heels, Match Day 2, Kick Off 2, Disc and Bandits at Zero.

Ack (Writer)

Ack Ack’s first cognizant memory is of his father purchasing a Nintendo Entertainment System. He’s been hooked ever since, and has been playing all along. While he does play PC games, consoles are what he spends most of his time with, though few of these can compare to his love for his Super Nintendo. He gravitates towards fighting and horror games, but has been known to enjoy a good first person shooter, role playing game, or hack and slash from time to time. Final Fantasy 6 is his favorite game, though Street Fighter Alpha 2 is his favorite fighter, specifically the SNES port. Ack can also be found at Racketboy.com, where he is a regular contributor.

Duffman (Writer)

Duffman So called because his surname is Duff and… he is a man. He was drafted in to deal with the growing game previews/reviews backlog. While Duffman is usually playing new games on old platforms, he also helps out with the odd feature now and again. The C64 was his first computer, although he can’t deny that he has some knowledge of the other main 8-bitters: CPC and Speccy. He moved on to an Amiga, Mega Drive, then PCs. Favourite game of all time is Strider, although has spent an equal vast amount of time on the likes of Flashback, Syndicate, and Cannon Fodder.

AmstradNZ (Writer)

AmstradNZ As you can probably tell, AmstradNZ is an Amstrad nut from New Zealand. Mainly into the CPC series, but anything with an Amstrad logo gets him going…. Currently researching the history of Amstrad in New Zealand (which was short but very sweet). His first computer was a ZX-81, before moving onto a VZ200, and then in 1986 he bought an Amstrad CPC664 and has never looked back. Currently in possession of nine CPCs, a GX4000, a couple of PCW 8256s, and an NC100, plus hundreds of games, magazines, and peripherals. In fact his collection takes up a whole room in his house…. His favourite Amstrad game is Test Match (yeah, also a cricket nut), favourite game of all time is Civilization (any version). AmstradNZ also has a web site that he hardly ever updates, but it’s on his ‘to do’ list.

Mark Hall (Writer)

MLH Mark is a self-confessed Amstrad CPC and Speccy nut – the first ever computer he got was the CPC. Besides gaming, he has been known to dabble in BASIC programming, and, on occasions, mess around with machine code and ASP.net. A man of many talents including gaming, where he has knowledge of Amstrad, Spectrum, Master System, Mega Drive, and Mega CD. A self-confessed shoot-‘em-up fan with the 8-bit Speccy version of R-Type being a firm favourite – he can complete the game on one life. Favourite retro game of all time is Head Over Heels.

Run Tings (Writer)

Run Tings Run Tings, or Mohammed to his friends, was first introduced to gaming in the arcades during the late 70s, early 80s, and playing on his friends Atari 2600. His first system was a Commodore Vic 20 and in 1987 he purchased a Speccy 128+2. He then got into the World of Nintendo with the NES and subsequent consoles by Sega and SNK. During this time he also became more interested in Japanese ‘Grey’ Import titles and managed to acquire a number of Jap Consoles to quench his thirst. His favourite systems of all time are the Famicom/NES, Super Famicom, and Neo Geo AES. He is also fond of the Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC Engine, Gameboy, and Atari Lynx. He has also been fortunate enough to have worked in a video game store during the ‘Golden era’ of consoles between 1990 and 1996. His favourite game genres are platformers, adventure, action, and shmups. He says that he doesn’t have one favourite game “because there are too many on various consoles” that he enjoys. He also likes curry and Old Skool Hip Hop. And he still has time to work on his YouTube site ‘oldskoolrc’.

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