Sep 292019
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Homebrew reviews:

  • Magica
  • Doomsday Lost Echoes
  • A Prelude to Chaos
  • Outlaws
  • Vector Vaults
  • Defence


  • Arcade Action: ShinobiWe take a look at Shinobi, one of the finest games in the arcades converted to the Amstrad CPC
  • Film Night: Arachnophobia – This is one of Amstrad CPC’s hidden gems, forgotten through time in a similar way to the underrated film that it is based on

  • Random Retro: Manhattan 95 – We randomly select a… erm… random game to look at every issue. This time around, it is Manhattan 95 from Ubi Soft
  • Retro Memories: The Survivor – Regardless of the game’s quality, there is always at least one game we have a soft spot or remember fondly. For this author, The Survivor is one of them
  • Retro Rivals: Super Sprint vs. Grand Prix Simulator – There were a lot of rivalry between games, especially if they were of very similar design and feel. We pit these two rivals against each other and see who comes out on top
  • Same Name, Different Game: Renegade – We look at some of the games that share the same names, but are completely different games and genres. This issue we look at Imagine’s Renegade and Kuma’s Renegade

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