Jul 142019
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Surviving the Horrors of Martian Gothic
A rather forgotten survival horror for the (original) PlayStation and PC from the turn of the millennium.

The Genesis of EA Sports
We take a look at Electronic Arts’ influential sports games from the height of the Sega Mega Drive’s reign.

Retro Games Hacks
Some of the best game hacks to enhance your favourite game right here.

Games World Lookback
We take a look back at the classic GamesWorld television show. The challenges, the games, the celebrities, the journalist commentators, and Bob Mills.

Computer Warrior
Part four of our coverage of the Computer Warrior comic strip, which was published in the Eagle comic from 1985-1994, where gamers discover how to play computer games within the computer’s realm.


Stephen Marley
We talked to game designer and author Stephen Marley about Martian Gothic and how it all came to be.

Dave Perry
We caught up with the Dave Perry to reminisce about his involvement in gaming magazines and television shows and how it all lead to one of his very first passions.

Roger Kean
Roger Kean kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the rise and fall of Newsfield Publications and the legacy it left behind.


We re-live some of the biggest news happenings since the last Retroaction issue.

Retro Respect: UFO: Enemy Unknown
We’ve all missed a classic during our time (I know I have). This is where we pay respects to the forgotten classics, the misunderstood, and the underdogs.

How to Cause a Complete Controversy: How to be A Complete Bastard
Forget the GTAs and Manhunts; games were causing controversy from as far back as the 8-bit days. We look at the controversy that surrounded these games.

Killer App: Super Star Wars
If there is one game out there that might persuade gamers to hunt out a Super Nintendo then surely this is it

Wacky Challenge: NHL Hockey 94
Bored with a classic? Prolong the fun by playing it differently.

Raiders of the Lost Arcades
The arcade is virtually extinct as a gaming platform, so we take a special trek back through time to relive some of the arcades’ greatest and underrated games.

Lost in Translation: Pulseman
With many games released first in Japan, many don’t reach Western audiences for many reasons.

Retro Respect: Decap Attack
Reconstructed and rewritten from its original Japanese release, Decap Attack is kind of unloved, so we try to fix that.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Retro Gaming: Super Magic Drive
We look at an interesting back-up device that emerged from the Far East in the 1990s.

Games Roundup
A lot can happen in ten years,and there have been many homebrew games released in the last decade. Here we catch up on some of the big name games.


Castlevania:Spectral Interlude (ZX Spectrum)

Precinct 20: Dead Strange (Commodore 64)

The Shadows of Sergoth (Amstrad CPC)

Xspelunker (MSX)

rOx Zero (Atari STe)

Putty Squad (Amiga)

Pier Solar (Mega Drive)

Star Fox 2 (Super Nintendo)

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