Back in Time: March 1992

Mar 022012

It’s another month, which means another retro helping of ‘Back in Time’.  This time we go back twenty years to take look at the best videogaming magazines from March 1992. This was a time when the quirky platformer Harlequin appeared on the Amiga, WWF Wrestlemania grappled all comers on all formats, Buck Rogers showed everyone how to do a Sci-Fi RPG, Space Crusade made strategic moves on the 8-bit computers and the Game Gear played host to some fine arcade conversions of Space Harrier and G-LOC

As usual, we have chosen four articles to accompany the main feature itself and are available to read online. These include a review of Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday on the Mega Drive taken from Mean Machines issue 18; a review of Space Crusade on the ZX Spectrum from Your Sinclair issue 75; an interview with Gary Bracey, Software Director of Ocean Software, taken from Amiga Power issue 11 and an interview with Tom Kalinske, head of Sega US, which was taken from Sega Force issue 3.

The main ‘Back in Time’ feature and the online articles can be found at the Out-of-Print Archive website.

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  1. Great site, great article! Brings back some memories.

    • Thansk, David. The April 1992 edition of Back in Time should be online this weekend – delayed due to moving house and other things.

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