Mar 012012

Back in 2005, it seemed unlikely that Retro Gamer would survive past issue 20, never mind 100. Fortunately, the magazine was revived by its current publishers and still produces the goods to this day, content and design wise. With its 100th issue, the Retro Gamer team have pulled out all the stops and packed the 100 odd pages with superb content from start to finish.

First up, readers will notice that the magazine comes in a bag and is slightly dearer than usual – £5.99 – and this is because of a very special addition: the very first Retro Gamer issue, reprinted especially for this celebratory issue. Also of note is the Making of… Grand Theft Auto, Inside the Spectrum, David Braben on Elite, The Making of… Sonic the Hedgehog.

Other articles include The Story Of Game Boy Tetris, Ralph Baer, Eugene Jarvis on Robotron: 2084, David Crane’s Tricks Of The Trade, 100 Classic Gaming Moments, John Romero on Dangerous Dave, In The Chair With Andrew Braybrook, Rob Hubbard: The Music Man and more.

The landmark Retro Gamer issue 100 is available in stores across the UK now or alternatively, jump onto Imagine’s eShop to purchase either the print or digital copy. While you wait for your copy, be sure to check out the editor’s flick through preview video of the momentous issue.

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  1. And this is still being published today, great magazine, one of the last issues (issue 150) was for their top 150 games of all time and is well worth a read! I think issue 151 just got released.

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