Jan 212012

This author has spoken about his fondness of the Mega Drive magazine, Mega, for some time, here and here, but has it really been two years since the release of Mega issue 1? Apparently so. Well that is going to change as one this author’s favourite gaming magazine of all time will start to appear slightly more frequently. Starting with issue 2 right now.

With their second issue, cover dated November 1992, the Mega team continued the impressive array of content, layout and design, including news, previews and reviews of the day, with the style and wit you would expect from a quality Future Publishing magazine.

Highlights of the issue include the six-page review of Sonic 2, a feature on the Mega Drive’s history in the UK (pre-Mega), a news piece on why cartridges are so expensive, the Mega CD stonker that is Thunder Storm FX, an interview with Games Master host, Dominik Diamond. This and more can be found in the jam packed 108 pages.

It was quite problematic choosing four online articles from the magazine, as there is so much good stuff in there. However, after consideration, the following articles were plucked out for highlighting: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the interview with Dominik Diamond, Thunder Storm FX and the undervalued pool game, Side Pocket.

The release of Mega issue 2 also sees some slight changes at Out-of-Print Archive. With the upcoming release of the iPad 3, the OoPA team felt it was necessary to up the full resolution of the releases to 2560px. So along with the iPod/iPhone 1024px and Tablet 1600px versions, there is a size to suit everyone’s preferred reading platform. To check out the online articles and to find the download links, jump over to the Mega issue 2 catalogue page now!

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