Back in Time: January 1992

Jan 132012

New year, new ‘Back in Time’ article. This time we go back twenty years to take look at the cream of the videogaming magazines from January 1992. This was a time when the Sega magazine scene was kicking off big time with two new launches, Sega Force and MegaTech, while the first dedicated Nintento mag, Total!, also appeared. Games wise, Another World was simply out of this world on the Amiga, two unlikely aliens called Toejam & Earl crash landed on the Mega Drive, Donald Duck quacked his way onto the Mega Drive and Super Space Invaders invaded the 8-bit computers…

Accompanying the main feature itself are four online review articles taken from the magazines covered. From Zero issue 27, Another World is reviewed on the Amiga; from Total! issue 1, the NES game, Solstice, is reviewed; from Sega Force issue 1, the Mega Drive version of Speedball 2 is reviewed and from Amiga Power issue 9, Celtic Legends is reviewed.

The main ‘Back in Time’ feature and the online articles can be found at the Out-of-Print Archive website.

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