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The RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2011, to give the full title, has recently been concluded with the judges’ results. This very author was kindly asked to serve as one of the judges and it was an honour to play through the games and comment on them. Some games were familiar already having had previews released through CSDb and RGCD, but others were a pleasant surprise. Personally, the puzzle games stood out more than the others, as I’ve never been a very big shoot-’em-up fan. The three games that I kept coming back to were Space Lords, Panic Analogue and C64anabalt. But enough of what I think, what did the other judges think – surprisingly, not too far away from my own thoughts, it seems


Coming in at first place by a fraction is Fairy Well with 35.5 points. Anyone who has seen or played Knight ‘n’ Grail (which was reviewed in issue 3 of Retroaction) will instantly recognise the smooth visual flair of this neat little flick screen affair as it came from the same developer, Wide Pixel Games. A superb effort, but perhaps a little too old school in the frustration stakes.

C64anabalt certainly received a lot of attention in recent months and deservedly so. Coming in at second place with 35.1 points, the C64 conversion of the original run-’em-up, Canabalt, is near perfect. Some truly super smooth animation – almost Flashback/Prince of Persia rotoscoping – and a great challenge lies ahead.

In third place with 30.2 points is Panic Analogue, which is apt as the game does become a true panic using the analogue paddle controls. You will need some pretty fast reflexes to beat this game. With some colourful visuals and addictive gameplay, this is one of the better games on offer here.

This author’s personal favourite, Space Lords, came in at fourth place with 27.7 points. Here, up to four players defend their wall while deflecting the ball onto their opponents in the process. Yes, it may just be a variant on Breakout, but it ramps up the frenzy with multiple players, perpetual speed and other additions.

The full rundown of the competion, including prizes and download links of the game entries can be found at the RGCD website.

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