Dec 292011

It’s not often we get to play much in the way of NES homebrew games at Retroaction. However, Zooming Secretary is one game we simply couldn’t ignore. Developed by Shiru in collaboration with PinWizz, the game has the player in control of a new secretary who must make it through a week’s trial without getting fired. This involves answering telephone calls, filing and the usual avoidance of the office gossip. Great visuals, gameplay and full of witty observational scenes and dialogue, Zooming Secretary is a class act all the way.

The game’s archive package, which includes the NES ROM, instruction manual, notes and NES/Famicom label images can be freely downloaded from Shiru’s website. While there, why not check out his fantastic back catalogue of games? Also be sure to check out the fantastic review on RGCD (where I first heard about this game) and also this YouTube clip of the game in action. Enjoy.

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