Dec 122011

Man, we’ve been meaning to look at this fantastic compilation for some time (sorry for the delay, Alf). To be honest, when we first heard about Shoot ‘Em Up Destruction Set 2, we didn’t know what to expect and weren’t that thrilled about playing a bunch of shoot-’em-ups. Our initial trepidationwas soon unfounded, as the compilation features such a varied mix of classics from Alf Yngve.

First up is Super Tau Zeta, a sideways scrolling shooter. Now, we said we weren’t fans of shoot-’em-ups, but Super Tau Zeta intrigued us for various reasons. Immediately noticeable is that the player controls a fleet of space ships battling against some rather bizarre alien enemies and landscapes.  This is an update of the entry that was entered into the Sideways SEUCK competition 2010 and features some impressive effects and scrolling. A must play for fans of the genre.

Next up is Bloodwheels, an unreleased game from 1994!  The game was set to be released on the original Psytronik label, but has remained in Alf Yngve’s archives ever since… until now. This is essentially a vertical scrolling shooter where the player controls an armoured car taking on the might of tanks, planes, choppers and soldiers. Probably the weaker of the games on display here, but still a good effort.

2,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs is the follow up to the popular 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs and features the Master of Awesome on a quest to find the sacred scrolls that have been stolen by the evil ninjas and destroy their fortress. Hard as nails beat-’em-up action ensues with some nifty side scrolling action. Accompanied by some neat visuals, music and gameplay, this is a standout in the compilation.

Being an updated game from the early 1990s, we weren’t expecting much from Trojahn, but, once again, we were taken by surprise. The player takes control of Trojahn, who is out to rescue his beloved Elena from the Spartan King. This involves negotiating the vertically scrolling landscape, taking out the spear-wielding enemies. Luckily, Trojahn has his very own unlimited supply of spears to throw at them. Another standout from the compilation with unique game design, great aesthetics and some fine gameplay.

The bonus game, Forgotten Forest, is Alf Yngve’s homage to the classic Forbidden Forest and was the winner at the C64 Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo 2011. Here, the player traverses through a dark and spooky forest flushing out the nasties with his flamethrower. As expected, Forgotten Forest features some super hard gameplay, but with practice, progression will be made. Suitably gothic visuals, effects and music compliment the gameplay.

All the games in SEUDS 2 have been updated and enhanced from their original versions, including specially produced front-ends by Richard Bayliss, in-game enhancements and weapon power-ups, and new loading screens by STE ’86 & Kenz. The compilation can be purchased from the Psytronik website in tape, budget disk, premium disk and digital download formats. There are also special offers available if you purchase the compilation, including a free digital download link for SEUDS 2 and the first SEUDS compilation. 

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