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Nov 142011

There has been a surprisingly copious amount of videogaming zines released in the past few months, ranging from average to good. Thankfully, Yesterday’s Gamer falls into the latter category. However, this is intended as a one-off production.

Produced entirely by Joshua Croft over the course of 18 months, Yesterday’s Gamer covers everything from the true classics right up to the recent “future” classics. Taking centre stage on the fine understated front cover is Shadow of the Colossus (Yesterday’s Gamer’s favourite game), while older classic coverage is given to Sega’s Mega Drive, Metal Slug, Tekken 3, Silent Hill 2 and more.

Of course, with a solo production of this magnitude, minor niggles have crept into the writing, but the excellent content, design, layout and enthusiasm shown throughout more than make up for any slight mishaps. A superb effort all round and proof once more that the magazine format has more allure than any website; if these articles were published on a blog, I would never have read them. There’s something enthralling about reading a new collection of articles in a magazine format. Let’s hope this isn’t the one-off as stated.

Yesterday’s Gamer issue 1 can be downloaded for free with the option to donate funds through PayPal.

Thanks to 8-Bit Girl for bringing news of this fantastic zine to our attention.

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  1. Thanks for crediting me for allowing you to discover Yesterday’s Gamer! It’s a great mag isn’t it? 🙂

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