Retro Gamer issue 96

Nov 102011

Whether you love it or hate it, the Final Fantasy series has proven to be the world’s most popular Role Playing Games ever and Retro Gamer looks at, arguably, the best of the whole lot with a Making Of… article. Other big articles include The Story of Monty Mole, The Making Of… The Revenge Of Shinobi and Top 25 Commodore 64 games.

In amongst the many other articles are Cheap As Chips: Dino Crisis, The Making Of… Radiant Silvergun, From The Archives: Domark, Classic Game: Toobin’, The History Of Jetman, The Making Of… Kid Chameleon, Obscura Machina: Sharp X68000, A Moment With Eric Chahi, Desert Island Disks: David Leitch. Then there are the other regulars such as Back to the Eighties/Nineties, The Unconverted, Future Classic, Retro Rated, a revamped Homebrew and more.

Retro Gamer issue 96 is on sale across the UK now and can also be purchased online at the Imagine eShop where it can also be found in digital form for your preferred portable device. Also, check out Darran Jones’ (RG Editor) video preview of the issue.

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