Commodore Free issue 55

Nov 042011

Everyone has owned or has, at least, played on a Commodore computer at sometime, so this fine ezine will cater for you. If you’ve never read Commodore Free before – and you really should have – it covers all things Commodore (C64, Amiga, VIC-20, etc.) with news, reviews, interviews and more.

This 55th edition features news on the Prince of Persia release on the C64, Edge Grinder and loads of other news bits. Reviewed are the latest C64/C16 homebrew offerings including Dunjon Battler, Swords and Bit-Fox, while interviewed is Tokra, developer of the VIC-20 demo called Yes VIC Can.

Commodore Free is freely available to download from the CF homepage and comes in multiple reading formats, including PDF, text, html, seq, D64 (C64 disk image) and eBook (ePUB and MOBI).

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