Back in Tine: November 1991

Nov 042011

I managed to rustle up another dose of Back in Time at Out-of-Print Archive. This is our monthly feature where we go back twenty years this month and take a look at the videogaming magazines. Everyone will know that Computer & Video Games was the world’s first magazine dedicated to videogaming, and in November 1991, they celebrated their tenth anniversary. Elsewhere, there were two newly launched magazines, along with a new publishing company, to cover to ever popular consoles. Games wise, it was arcade hits all round as Mega Twins and Turtles The Coin-Op made their transition from arcade to home machines.

The Back in Tine: November 1991 feature is accompanied by four handpicked online articles taken from the mentioned magazines: The aforementioned ‘We Are 10’ feature from C&VG issue 120, Mega Twins review from Amiga Action issue 26, Turtles The Coin-Op review from Commodore Format issue 14 and the, not previously mentioned, Xenon II review from Game Zone issue 1. The Back in Time: November 1991 feature can be found at Out-of-Print Archive.

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