Retrocade Magazine launches

Oct 272011

Retrocade Magazine has just premiered its first issue. With an emphasis on arcade gaming, the retrogaming ezine is available to purchase in PDF digital format for $4.99. I know what you’re thinking – well, we certainly were: “$4.99? This better be the best darned digital magazine ever.” And on first impressions – nice cover and great contents list – that was the case.

Content wise, you can expect to see an article on the cover subject with Computer Space: Coin-Op Finally Begins, while elsewhere, there is Event Coverage of recent, er, events, The King Of 3 – Meet George Riley, High Scores Arcade, Console War: Atari 2600 vs. Mattel Intellivision, Mario Bros. : How the Console Ports Stack Up, reviews of recent arcade ports such as Moon Cresta 7800 and Vector Pilot, and much more.

So we come back to the “better be the best darned digital magazine ever,” and we are left slightly disappointed. Yes, the content and writing is good, but the design and layout of the ezine is lacking. We don’t know about the thoughts of the majority of retrogamers out there, but when we have to pay for an ezine, we expect better production values than this – there are better designed ezines out there that don’t cost a penny. But we digress…

If you have a bit of spare cash, can put up with the minor irritation of going through the rigmarole of processing the order, navigate through a rather poorly designed ezine, then Retrocade Magazine is a pretty good read. Retrocade Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1 is available to purchase from the Stone Age Gamer website.

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