Komoda issue 5

Oct 252011

We’ve mentioned the Commodore 64 retrogaming ezine, Komoda, before, but we must emphasize our delight when we see a new issue released, what with its classic retro graphics style design and content to match. It really is a must read. OK, it’s in Polish, but Google Translator (or a similar package) can be your best friend at times like these.

Within the digital pages of issue 5, you will find regular columns, reviews (Titanic Blinky, Silkworm, New Zeland Story, Nebulus…), articles (Silesia Party 2011, Demo Express, Survival Horror…), interviews (Rafal Neck, from Silesia Party…), news and more.

Komoda issue 5 and its accompanying cover disk of mini games can be found on the C&A Fan website.

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