Oct 182011

It’s astonishing to think that Jordan Mechner’s 1989 platform game, Prince of Persia – famous for its fluid animated rotoscoping visuals and matching gameplay – was never given a release on the Commodore 64, and yet that was the case. According to Mechner, he couldn’t get anyone to port his game to the C64 as the 8-bit machine was deemed too old in 1989.

Step up mrsid who saw a preview slideshow of Prince of Persia on the Commodore Scene Database in 2009 and took upon himself to fulfill that dream of producing a Commodore 64 version. Using the original Apple II code by Jordan Mechner, mrsid began porting the classic platformer to his favourite machine.

Now, finally, after all these years, and the reverse engineering on mrsid’s part, the Commodore 64 is no longer the odd one out and has its very own version of Prince of Persia. And, astonishingly, the version is an equal to its peers in every way.

The game’s development pages can be found at the cartridge form from the PoPC64 webpages. The game itself can be played on any Commodore 64/128 model with a compatible cartridge format. Both the EasyFlash cartridge and disk images are available to download from the CSDb.

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