Oct 102011

The original GameFan magazine, initially known as Diehard GameFan, was first launched in 1992 with the October 1992 issue. Led by editor-in-chief, Dave Halverson, the multi-format magazine quickly gained a well founded reputation for championing the lesser known genres, the obscure or underrated games, as well as having a good dose of import content – something which other mags seemed to shy away from. Then there was the undeniable “GameFan look” with every piece of the page filled with original screenshots, colour or artwork, rather than the bland pages and press release screenshots available at the time.

GameFan was recently resurrected from its ashes by Dave Halverson himself in 2010 and has went on to cover retrogaming within its pages. And now, thanks to the hard work of Out-of-Print Archive, the very first two issues of Diehard GameFan have been digitally restored to their former glory. From Wonder Dog to The Atari Lynx, SNK’s Neo-Geo Gold system, and the debut of the infamous Monitaur, issue 1 is truly a monumental landmark in gaming magazine history.

Diehard GameFan issue 1 and 2 are both available to purchase from the GameFan Shop in DRM free PDF format for the small price of $2.00 each. Keep an eye on the website, or at Retroaction retronews/twitter pages, for further classic GameFan releases.

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