Back In Time: October 1991

Oct 072011

“So take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me, I’ll be back in time…” Yup, it’s time to “get back in time” (yes, thank you, Huey), to exactly twenty years this month to take a nostalgic look at the videogaming magazines of October 1991. This was a time of sadness and uncertainty for many 8-bit magazines as one of the major publishers disappeared, taking with it two of the most iconic and influential magazines of the time…

However, there was plenty of 16-bit action to cheer about. Streets of Rage was still raging, Cruise For A Corpse cruised onto the Amiga, The Bitmap Bros’ Magic Pockets appeared to mixed reviews, Speedball 2 arrived onto the humble C64, Future Publishing along with Amstrad Action celebrated their sixth birthday, Alien Breed entered the gaming arena, and a new magazine dedicated to the PC entered the fray.

As always, the main ‘Back in Tine’ feature is accompanied by four hand picked online articles taken from the mentioned magazines. The underrated Marvel Land on the Mega Drive was taken from Raze issue 12, Geoman Land (aka Ganbare Goeman, aka The Legend of the Mystical Ninja) on the Super Famicom was taken from C+VG issue 119, Alien Breed on the Amiga was taken from Amiga Action issue 25 and Speedball 2 on the Commodore 64 was taken from the final Newsfield edition of Zzap!64. The ‘Back in Time: October 1991’ feature can be found at Out-of-Print Archive. Enjoy the nostalgic trip.

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