Sep 192011

For the first in a series of Format Wars, Edge Grinder has been simultaneously released on both the Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC. Format Wars is a collaboration between programmers of different formats to come together to convert a C64 game to another platform, in this instance, the Amstrad CPC. The original C64 game was coded by Jason Kelk (GR9 Strike Force), while the CPC version was coded by Paul Kooistra (Dead on Time & Star Sabre). Paul is no stranger to converting C64 games to the CPC, having converted the superb Sub Hunter onto the Amstrad machine and now with Edge Grinder, he is making a name for himself in the homebrew scene for his outstanding work.

Edge Grinder features a plot straight out of old school gaming: take a space ship into enemy territory and rid the world off the evil creatures. A classic style shoot-’em-up with a neat feature: your spaceship can grind against the edge of the landscape for extra an extra score boost – hence the name Edge Grinder – but, of course, such maneuvers come with the risk of losing a life.

Both the C64 and CPC versions, along with extras, can be found on the Format War’s website and if you fancy splashing out on the C64 cartridge release then head over to the RGCD shop.

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  1. Edge Grinder C64 is also available to buy on limited edition cartridge from the RGCD shop! ­čśë

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