Sep 192011

If you’re a fan of Speedball 2 then you will want to check out this prototype of the previously unreleased Beastball. Although released under Brutal Sports Football on the Jaguar, DOS and Amiga in 1993, the planned Mega Drive and SNES versions by Spectrum Holobyte were never released and remained lost to gaming… until now, for the Mega Drive, at least. As part of their ongoing summer of proto ROMs, MrMark0673 and BeaglePuss over at SegaAge continue to astound everyone with their findings of unreleased games.

As hinted at, Beastball is a futuristic sports game in the same mould as Speedball 2, but with the added ability of being able to throw or kick the ball into the goal. While there are the usual gameplay modes of League, Unfriendly, and Knockout, as well as the chance to spend earned cash on improving players’ stats, Beastball does have some pretty interesting features. While playing a match, you can expect to see weapons, bombs, shields, rabbit/turtle power ups/downs, decapitations and lots more.

The Beastball prototype ROM can be downloaded from the SegaAge forums.

Source: RetroCollect

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