Commodore Free issue 53

Sep 162011

The 53rd issue of Commodore Free has just been released. The Commodore dedicated retrogaming zine covers all things from the VIC-20 to the Amiga, with news, reviews and interviews. This issue’s highlights include a review of Forgotten Forest (Alf Yngve’s recent entry into the SEUCK Compo 2011), a review of Edge Grinder (a shoot-‘em-up from Jason “TMR” Kelk), snippets on VicDoom (yes, Doom made it to the Vic-20), snippets on The Keep (another Vic-20 game), an Interview With NAFCOM From PoL and lots more… Commodore Free is freely available to download from the CF homepage and comes in multiple reading formats, including PDF, text, html, seq, D64 (C64 disk image) and eBook (ePUB and MOBI).

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