Aug 312011

The 96th episode of The Retro League is out now. We haven’t talked about The Retro League for a little while, so if you don’t know about it, this is a weekly retrogaming podcast that covers news, articles, links and more. This week, the guys discuss the ‘philosophy of the “last generation syndrome”‘, popularity of retro stuff and a look at Terraria with guest Critical Failure. Elsewhere in the episode, Hot Topics include Top 17 Best PC Games of the 90s, Bonus retro pick of the week is Ogre Battle 64, Virtually Retro looks at Final Fantasy Tactics on iOS… All this and more can be found on The Retro League episode 96 part 1 webpage.

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  1. […] last week’s Retro League episode 96 part 1, the guys have just released, erm, part 2. This week, the focus is 1996 as Hugues, Critical Failure […]

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