Aug 312011

Inspired by a recent forum thread on the World of Spectrum website, The Mojon Twins rapidly set to work on bringing Horace back to his native ZX Spectrum. Mention must go to ‘ewgf’ in the WOS forums whose quick write up provided the back-story to the game. The plot follows Horace when he is drunk and down on his luck. Missing the good old days when he appeared on the ZX Spectrum and was famous, Horace decided to star in some Commodore 64 games – how could he even think of such a thing? It didn’t go well and he soon pined for his beloved black 8-bit micro.

So what we have here is old school platform gaming where Horace explores the many screens to find and destroy those Commodore 64 cassette tapes that contain his most embarrassing moments. The game’s full story, gameplay, controls and downloads can be found on the Horace webpage at The Mojon Twins’ website.

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