Amiga Mania issue 1

Aug 192011

Rather belated news on this new Hungarian Amiga PDF magazine, but newsworthy all the same. Amiga Mania‘s focus is articles, tech, solutions, serious apps and games. In this glorious premiere issue, we can look forward to articles on the Amiga 1000, an interview with Jay Miner (“father of the Amiga”), and a massive six page retrospective of Perihelion (an RPG 3D adventure produced by Hungarian development team of Morbid Vision), plus an interview with Toth Edvárdot from said development team. Other games covered include Heaven Tales, Tracker Hero, Duke Nukem 3D and Street Rod. Having been written in Hungarian, I haven’t had the time to check out every article, but from what I have seen, it’s a well written magazine with some great design throughout. The first issue can be freely downloaded from the Amiga Mania webpage.

Source: Commodore Free

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