Aug 102011

The recent riots across England have had nothing to do with retribution, boredom, hardship, unemployment or even anti-government/anti-police/anti-authority, etc. protests. No, no, no, no. That’s just crazy talk. They have been taking place due to the lack of a decent online archive for Atari ST magazines. Hoping to quench this thirst for ST magazine preservation, The Atari ST Magazine Archive has opened its reinforced digital doors this week. At the moment there are only a selection of ACE issues (which was a multi-format magazine), but the archive will be updated weekly with new archives.

If you are an Atari ST fan and have access to the likes of ST Action, ST Format, The One For ST Games, Atari ST Review, Atari ST User or any other magazine that covered the ST then please consider helping out. With the Amiga covered so well online with the Amiga Magazine Rack, the Atari ST truly deserves the same loving preservation. If you would like to get in touch with the ST Mag Archive team or want to keep up to date with them, be sure to bookmark their website, follow The Joy of Sticks on Twitter, check out The Joy of Sticks’ Facebook page or the blog at The Joy of Sticks, or all the above.

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  8 Responses to “The Atari ST Magazine Archive”

  1. Great idea! If only i didn’t lose 99% of all my Atari ST magazines during Melbourne’s flash floods in Feb (read: 200+ magazines) i would have gladly contributed. Looking forward to seeing what goes up.

    • @Serblander – That’s tragic and I feel your loss. I lost around 1,000 mags of various formats during a regretable house move.

  2. Just trying to do my bit for peace and harmony in the UK! Thanks for posting this, much appreciated! Just ten more ACE magazines to post, then one to The One. You heard it here first! 😉

  3. I am in the process of scanning my ST Format and Atari ST User magazine collection and making them available over at Drop on by and grab PDF versions as they become available and feel free to incorporate them into your site if you so desire. Cheers ….. Kiwi

  4. Load of old ST magazines, shall I recycle or does any body want them?

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