GameFan magazine goes retro

Aug 082011

Well, not exactly, but GameFan has started its ‘GameFan Retro’ section with issue 6, recognising the ever growing appeal of classic videogaming from gamers young and old. For those that don’t know, GameFan is a well respected US videogaming magazine that launched in 1992 and featured a colourful design layout with multiple screenshots fused with the editorial throughout. This gave the magazine an edge over competing publications which were bland and limited in comparison. However, in 2000, GameFan closed and was only just re-launched last year.

Best Bits: Decap Attack

The new ‘GameFan Retro’ section covers all the classic videogames from the early 1990s up to the 2000s. There may well be a familiar name popping up in there too – look out for the Decap Attack and Super Star Wars retrospectives laid out in classic GameFan style. Other classic content includes The Best Hits of Sega Saturn, Console Junkies Top Picks of Capcom, Jet Motto, Advanced Dungeon & Dragons:Shadow Over Mystara, Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie and more.

Also in this landmark issue, the GF team take a look at Nintendo’s latest handheld console in ‘Rise of the 3DS’, one of the cover games, Bloodrayne: Betrayal, is looked at, as well as American McGee, while in the Indie Zone, the NG:DEV Team are featured and there is also some anime goodness in there. With a finely balanced flow of screenshots, images and text throughout, this is one magazine that is a joy to read.

Even modern games such as Bloodrayne Betrayal are made a joy to read

Issue 6 of GameFan magazine is available to purchase in digital form for a measly $3.99 with the printed version to follow soon. The preview version is also available to view online from the home page. Oh, and if you’re a fan of the original run of GameFan, then keep an eye on the website in the coming months.

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