Jul 282011

Much like their most enduring games series and character, Phantomasa, The Mojon Twins are back releasing new games on the faithful ZX Spectrum with the third in the aforementioned game series: Phantomasa 3 – Fundamentally Loathsome. And it wouldn’t be a Mojon Twins’ game without a deliciously bizarre plot which involves a robot Phantomasa in an alternate Parallel Universe who is on a mission to resuce her father and creator, Julius Gepetus. This involves some classic gameplay as Phantomasa travels back and forth between the four dimensions, taking on all enemies with her rather unique weapon, and I quote, “breasty rainbows” (Bubby and Bobby from Rainbow Islands have nothing on Phantomasa). Being a robot, Phantomas has never been programmed with any modesty and wanders around the dimensions au naturel. Obviously, wearing no kind of clothing or armour while going into battle has its drawbacks as the enemy will close in to do damage. So be careful out there in those dimensions. The game is available as a free download along with the source code and cover artwork.

Weblink: Phantomasa 3 – Fundamentally Loathsome page at The Mojon Twins

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