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As we conclude our Laser Squad week, we take a look at some of the remakes that have been developed over the past few years…


This is essentially a straight remake of the Spectrum version, but playable in your browser. All the original scenarios are here, including the expansion packs and ‘The Return to Moonbase’ homebrew scenario. It is a very accurate port and does feature some benefits over the 8-bit classic. For one, screen updates are virtually instantaneous, which helps speed up the flow of the game. However, there are some oddities such as shooting, which seem slower and enemy accuracy, which seems to be way off, even at close quarters. The remake is also available to download and play in Java. A Java based scenario editor can also be downloaded with which fans can create their own missions.

Weblinks: www.lasersquad.org and William Fraser Laser Squad page

L. Squad

This is a Java J2SE based remake of the PC version by Tim Stridmann. Unfortunately, there is only one scenario available: Moonbase Assault. This is a nice update, though, with better streamlined menus than the original PC version. Armour and weapons selection are much smoother. The main screen is improved on from the PC version, with handy scroll bars, and better visual identification of commands. When selecting a unit, the cursor will display how many APs it will take to move across certain areas. Music, while initially atmospheric, can begin to irritate after a while, although, thankfully, music and sound effects can be turned off. The game can be played windowed or full screen. Overall, a superb effort and we only wish more scenarios were produced.

Weblink: LSquad 0.0.4 download

Stellar Forces

Stellar Forces has previously been known as Laser Tactics, Nuclear Graveyard and Laser Squad 3D in its ever changing development history. This is an online multi-player turn based strategy game in the same vein as Laser Squad, but with play by email elements. Developed by Stephen Smith, the game can run on a Windows or Linux system. There are many different missions to take part in against many opponents from around the world. A superb idea and one that has proven to be successful. The website also features results of completed games and league tables.

Weblink: stellarforces.com

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Notes and further Laser Squad goodness:

laser-squad.co.uk – “A celebration of the greatest strategy game ever written.” A website about Laser Squad, naturally, with posts about gamers’ memories and news items. The website also features the homebrew missions for the Spectrum, along with downloads of the C64 and Spectrum game.

lasersquad.org A superb website by William Fraser which is home to a remake of the Spectrum version, which is playable in a browser. Also on here is an HTML version of the original instruction manual, a Java scenario editor, downloads (a downloadable version of the remake in Java form) and links to other Laser Squad related sites. (also mirrored here)

laser.detstwo.com Play Laser Squad in a browser…. Essentially, the first three scenarios available in browser format.

Laser Squad Wikipedia entry A pretty good resource on the game. Someone called Nreive contributed to this article during 2007, so it must be good (smiles).

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  1. Lovely stuff. Ah, yes, the Laser Squad feature was indeed amazing!

  2. guys do you know this game? im trying to find it few weeks, i think its gone or something but i made it this texture in assault remake, so what is name?

  3. guys do you know this game? im trying to find it few weeks, i think its gone or something but i made it this texture in assault remake, so what is name? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94acFQrLA2U

  4. or this pictures this game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGQfgK6S_b8

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