Jun 032011

Good Old Games, the online digital service for classic PC titles, has struck up a deal with Electronic Arts to distribute 25 of the publisher’s back catalogue. Classic titles such as Dungeon Keeper, Ultima Underworld I + II and Wing Commander: Privateer are already available for a mere $5.99 with further titles being released in the near future. As expected, the best online digital games service offers each game with additional extra material, including soundtrack, wallpapers, avatars and manuals, but best of all, it’s all DRM free and no annoying specific client download software is needed. There is also no hassle getting the game up and running, as they are pre-patched to work on Windows XP, Vista and 7. So go visit the world’s best digital gaming service now to experience some of the best PC games from yesteryear.

Weblink: Good Old Games homepage

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