The Genesis of EA Sports

May 162011

It’s hard to think of a gaming world without EA Sports dominating the sports genre with their Madden, NHL, PGA and FIFA franchises, but back in 1991, Electronic Arts were just beginning to realise the potential of their sports division. With the help of the super sleek Mega Drive/Genesis console, EA Sports’ quickly emerged as the world’s greatest sports videogame publisher.

Not only were the games fantastic representations of their respective sports, but they made gamers fans of the sport in question when they previously had no interest in them at all. That’s testament to the great job that EA Sports did with the super TV style presentation that they put into their sports games as standard.

The games may have improved – visually, at least – but it all started in the early 1990s on a 16-bit console and this is where The Genesis of EA Sports pick up on, taking a look at John Madden Football ’92, NHLPA Hockey ’93, Bulls vs Lakers, PGA Tour Golf II and FIFA International Soccer.

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