May 132011

The underrated MegaTech was one of the many magazines that I lost in the unfortunate moving incident of 1999, so it’s fantastic news that meppi has started digitally preserving the issues. MegaTech was the first magazine in the UK dedicated to the Sega Mega Drive and was EMAP’s first publication to feature fully digitised screenshots. In fact, the lengths editor Paul Glancey and his team went to producing this flash look for each issue was staggering with even relevant screenshots taken for the tips section (editor Paul Glancey discusses this and more in an interview at Mean Machines Archive).

Issue 2 of MegaTech, dated February 1992, can be found at Out-of-Print Archive, where you will also find the full contents of the issue, editorial info and the download link. Accompanying this issue, the following online articles were chosen: Gaiares (Mega Drive reviews), Sol-Feace (Mega-CD review), Mega-CD (hardware feature) and Rolling Thunder 2 (Mega Drive review).

Weblink: MegaTech issue 2 at Out-of-Print Archive

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