Commodore Free issue 50

May 122011

Commodore Free has reached its 50th issue, which is quite an achievement for a fanzine. Launched towards the end of 2006, the Commodore dedicated retrogaming zine has been published every month since, with the odd exception. In fact, things weren’t looking good when the editor was requested to remove the first three issues over copyright problems with some images used. To send this kind of request to a non-profit fanzine like Commodore Free beggars belief and just goes to show how far some companies will go to protect their intellectual property.

While Commodore Free may not be the best produced zine on the scene, it certainly makes up for this with quality content, including up to date news, reviews and some fascinating interviews. All this produced into not only PDF, but HTML, text, seq, D64 (C64 disk image), and recently EPUB and MOBI formats – no mean feat for a small team of retrogaming enthusiasts. Retroaction have also made an appearance as I myself was interviewed in issue 35, discussing such things as Retroaction magazine, of course, the term “retro”, emulation and more.

So issue 50 was delayed somewhat, but the wait has been worth it, with the usual content that you would expect. There’s news updates on Viva Amiga, CardSwipe (Vic-20 game) and Arcade Retro Gaming Newsletter, as well as an interview with Adrian Simpson from Amiga Games That Weren’t, Commodore Amiga Programming, a look at the current Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 entries, a report from SC3 Arcade Party 2011 and a look Back to the Past with Commodore Free issue 11 from August 2007.


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