Retro Gamer issue 89

May 032011

With issue 89, Retro Gamer has gone full on with the Commodore 64 as they provide the ultimate Collector’s Guide to the popular 8-bit computer. But that’s not all, as Retro Gamer have done wonders to produce another retro packed issue. Other highlights include Cheap as Chips: Jill of the Jungle (which we covered in Retroaction issue 1), Making of Starquake (with developer Steven Crow), 20 Years of Street Fighter II, Ridge Racer History, Retro Revival – How to be a Complete Bastard (which we covered in a controversy article), In the Chair with Raffaele Cecco, From the Archives: Brøderbund and more. The Future Classic is also fantastic this issue with a game that I can’t argue with at all, the superb Knights of the Old Republic. This and more can be found in issue 89, but why not take a look at Darran Jones’ video preview of the magazine itself? While the magazine has just hit the UK stores, the latest issue and back issues can be purchased online at the Imagaine eshop.

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  1. Love the C64 sprites on the cover.

    The new ‘collectors guide’ articles in RG are really fantastic.

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