RetroGaming Roundup 30

Apr 282011

RetroGaming Roundup is one of the regular podcasts that we listen to at Retroaction, and with good reason, because it’s an excellent production with a fine selection of topics and news on all things retrogaming. In RetroGaming Roundup #30, guys discuss their Top Ten Pinball Machines with the usual hilarious results. Other regular sections this month include Hardware Flashback (Make the Nintendo Wii a Cartridge Based System), It Came From MAME (Son of Phoenix & Space Demon), Gaming Trivia, News and Listener Vies, URLs and Emails and more. The podcast shownotes with the full contents listing can be found at the RetroGaming Roundup website, along with download links to the podcast itself as well as an outtakes version and low quality podcast version – perfect for listening on the go.

Weblink: RetroGaming Roundup 30 Shownotes page

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