Retro Gamer issue 88

Apr 062011

With issue 88 of monthly classic videogaming mag, Retro Gamer goes Missile Command mad with a Making of… article on the game as well as an exclusive interview with creator Dave Theurer and a Coin-Op Capers article on the classic arcade game. There is also the History of Road Rash (with Randy Breen, who was involved in every Road Rash title), From the Archives: Firebird, The Making of PGA Tour Golf, an interesting article on the hit freeware indie game Cave Story, plus all the usual regulars and features. The YouTube preview video of the issue by Editor Darran Jones can also be viewed here. Retro Gamer is a commercial UK based magazine, but can be purchased worldwide in select stores as well as online at the Imagine shop, where you can also pick up a digital version of the magazine.

Weblink: Retro Gamer at Imagine shop

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