Back in Time: March 1991

Mar 112011

Once again we jump into our videogaming time machine to go ‘Back in Time’ twenty years to reminisce about the classic videogaming magazines at that time. It was a time of 8-bits and 16-bits, consoles and computers all vying for the gamers’ affections. These magazines and games themselves are truly timeless classics. This was a time when C+VG, Mean Machines, Zzap!64, Your Sinclair, Amstrad Action and Amiga Format reigned supreme. A time when Super Mario World made its triumphant appearance on the Super Famicom, Switchblade and North & South surpassed all expectations on the 8-bits and Turrican 2 was still leaving its mark on the home micros. This is March 1991…

Following the recent redesign, the most relevant or interesting magazines from each format from this month have been chosen to focus on (i.e. one magazine from multi-format, C64, Spectrum, etc.). To accompany the main article, four online articles have been chosen from these selected magazines. This month the chosen articles are ACE’s review of Rise of the Dragon for the PC, Zzap!64’s review of Last Ninja III on the C64, Amstrad Action’s review of North And South for the Amstrad CPC and CU Amiga’s review of Gods for the Amiga. Sit back, relax and enjoy your nostalgic trip back to March 1991…

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