Feb 252011

Another official release of Mega Drive Advanced Gaming been digitally archived at Out-of-Print Archive. Mega Drive Advanced Gaming (aka MAG) was launched during the rising popularity of Sega’s 16-bit console in 1992 and endured through to the machine’s decline in 1995. Issue 3 of MAG, which was originally published in November 1992, features a cover review of Thunder Storm FX on the Mega CD, as well as having the usual news, reviews, articles from 1992.

The digitalisation of this issue actually began in April of last year, but with the acquirement and subsequent release of issue 1, was put to one side for later. Little did I release that it would be nearly one year before I could revisit this issue and complete it. Once again, thanks must go to Hugh Gollner, publisher/owner of Maverick Magazines, who has given Out-of-Print Archive permission to release his company’s back catalogue. A truly underrated magazine that outsold the bigger publisher’s similar Mega Drive magazines during that successful 1992/93 era.

The MAG #3 page at Out-of-Print Archive has the issue’s editorial details, full contents list, links to online articles taken from the issue and, of course, a link to the full issue download itself. The online articles chosen for this issue include reviews of Thunder Storm FX (Mega CD), Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude (Mega Drive), Gods (Mega Drive) and Galahad (Mega Drive).

Weblink: Mega Drive Advanced Gaming #3 page at Out-of-Print Archive

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