PC Engine Gamer issue 4

Feb 232011

This is a publication that I’ve been meaning to discuss for some time now. PC Engine Gamer is an online digital retrogaming zine which is naturally dedicated to NEC’s underrated PC Engine console. So what can we expect to see in issue 4? Well, expect to read the latest PC Engine news in ‘Newstopia’, a retrospective review of Monster Lair (aka Wonder Boy III), there’s gaming cheats and help in ‘Fish and Tips’, a retrospective review of Rastan Saga II, Top Banana (where Sega’s Tyris Flare and Opa Opa go head to head), Dr. Bakuda’s Happy Hour, Gaming Tongue and The Final Countdown. The zine has a fantastic design, reads well and should be on everyone’s ‘to read’ list whether you’re a PC Engine gamer or not.

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