Back in Time: February 1991

Feb 182011

Another month, another Back in Time article where I go back twenty years this month to reminisce through the classic videogaming magazines of the time. As regular readers may noticed, I’ve re-designed the format of the article somewhat. This means that the most interesting or standout magazine from each format (Multi, Spectrum, C64, etc.) for the month will be covered. This may mean fewer magazines covered overall, but allows for greater depth to each one that is covered.

February 1991 was a time when Turrican zapped onto many front covers and covertape demos – a mighty fine run-‘n’-gun game it is – while Gazza II, Pang and a multitude of stunt car racing games also appeared. The main article may have been re-designed, but the online articles chosen from the selected magazines remain. This month I’ve chosen Crash Course on the PC from Raze issue 4, Deuteros on the Amiga from Zero issue 16, Turrican 2 on the C64 from Zzap!64 issue 70 and Horror Zombies From The Crypt on the Amiga from Amiga Action issue 17.

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