Feb 152011

Sub Hunter is an excellent Commodore 64 shoot-’em-up/rescue game (read our review of the game in issue 1), developed by Richard Bayliss & Frank Gasking and released through Psytronik, so it’s fantastic news to hear that it has been ported over to the Amstrad CPC. Paul Kooistra, who has such recent CPC hits as Star Sabre and Dead on Time has done a fantastic job converting this little gem of a game and it looks as good as – if not better – than the original C64 version.

The game’s premise and design remains untouched – a scientific experiment has gone wrong and the sea is teaming with mutated fish and it’s the player’s job to dive the depths of the seas to rescue the human swimmers, while blasting the creatures. With twenty five levels of sub-aquatic blasting and rescuing, multi-layered parallax scrolling, CPC soundtracks by Herve Monchatre, Shark attacks, rescue missions, bonus stages, multi-coloured graphics & animation and an intro sequence featuring hi-res graphics, CPC gamers are in for a treat. Sub Hunter will be physically released on tape, a Premium 3″ disk and as a free digital download for the Amstrad CPC.

Weblink: Sub Hunter Amstrad CPC page at Psytronik

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