Feb 082011

SCROLL is a new videogaming “midzine” (minimal magazine) that has been launched that has been produced by Ray Barnholt. The Super NES celebrates its 20th anniversary in North America this year, so to commemorate that fact, SCROLL dedicates its first issue’s 40 pages to the 16-bit console, including the history of the console, its endurance, the games, both praised and underrated. As well as the SNES love, there are other articles of interest: ‘Japan Desu’, ‘The Island of Misfit Hardware’, ‘Fullscreen: StarTropics’, ‘Wait Wait, Don’t TALK Me’ and ‘In Defense Of… Hydlide’. Issue 1 of SCROLL is available to preview and purchase in print format (a digital PDF version may appear in the future) from www.magcloud.com.

Weblink: Preview and purchase page for SCROLL #1
Source: http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2011/02/scroll.php

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