Back in Time: November 1990

Nov 192010

SWIV shot up the opposing shoot-‘em-ups on the Amiga, Midnight Resistance run-‘n’-gunned its way from the arcades onto the C64, Speedball 2 made for a brutal futuristic sport on the Atari ST and Rick Dangerous began his multi-format domination in his multi-accolade winning sequel. All this must mean it’s time for another visit ‘Back in Time’. ‘Back in Time’ is my monthly article over at Out-of-Print Archive where we look back at the classic video gaming magazines twenty years ago this month. Accompanying the main article are four chosen reviews from the magazines featured, including the aforementioned SWIV (Amiga) from Zero issue 13, Midnight Resistance (C64) from YC issue 73, Speedball 2 (Atari ST) from The One issue 26 and Rick Dangerous 2 (Amstrad CPC) from Amstrad Action issue 62.

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