Sep 242010

Mean Machines was a leading multi-format gaming console magazine published by EMAP during the early ninties, eventually splitting into Mean Machines Sega and Nintendo Magazine System. Besides being a hugely influential magazine with authoritive coverage, Mean Machines had some damn fine gaming journalists through its run, with the likes of Julian Rignall (launch editor), Richard Leadbetter, Paul Davies, Radion Automatic and Gus Swan.

And now, Mean Machines issue 4 from January 1991 has been digitally preserved at Out-of-Print Archive, thanks to meppi, who scanned and edited this release. Four Mega Game reviews were chosen as online articles to accompany the release, including Megaman II (NES), Pinbot (NES), Snake Rattle ‘N’ Roll (NES) and Castle of Illusion (Master System). As well as that, inside the issue, you will find something quite rare indeed, a highly rated game for the ill fated Amstrad GX4000 console: Switchblade.

The magazine is available to download, in its entirety, and for free from the MM4 webpage at Out-of-Print Archive. There you will also find more details on the issue itself as well as links back to the Mean Machines magazine catalogue, where you will find the previous three issues.

Weblink: Mean Machines issue 4 webpage

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