Retro Gamer issue 81

Sep 172010

It was with mixed feelings that I laid eyes on issue 81 of Retro Gamer. Joy that Laser Squad, one of my favourite games, featured on the front cover along with an excellent interview with Julian Gollop, and slight disappointment that I had something similar planned for Retroaction over a year ago, but it was not to be, despite laying most of the ground work of the ‘mega’ feature and questions for JG. Ah, well, I can finally see what might have been. Love the cover, although I don’t know why it’s a cassette tape case because Laser Squad shipped in a small-ish box. However, I never ever thought I would see Laser Squad featured on any ezine cover, let alone a commercial magazine – although, it nearly made it to the Amstrad Action tribute cover, albeit the PC image (which I prefer and use a cropped part of that as my avatar), and would have certainly made it to that Laser Squad issue of Retroaction. But I digress… Great cover, great article, great guy.

Elsewhere in the issue, we are introduced to a new feature called ‘Future Classics’, where the guys take a look at Metroid Zero Mission. It will be interesting to see how the readers take to the introduction of the last generation games (i.e. GameCube, PS2, Xbox) as there are always arguments about the magazine covering newer stuff. Other fine features within the issue include the ‘The History of: Wizards & Warriors’, ‘The Ultimate Guide to… The Revenge of Shinobi’, ‘The Making of… Day of the Tentacle’, the excellent ‘Back to the 80s/90s’ column,
and much more.

Weblink: RG issue 81 video clip preview with editor Darran Jones flipping through the pages.

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