Sep 082010

Your Game is a Russian game development competition for the ZX Spectrum. The deadline has passed and voting has commenced for the participating ten game entries (listed below). The deadline for voting is 1 October 2010, after which the results will be announced.  The games are available to download for free, but you will need a TR-DOS compatible Spectrum emulator to play them, which can be found on the delightful World of Spectrum website.

1. Evacuator (Perspective Group)
2. Fighter [Fighter Ace] (THD)
3. Freeway (Perspective Group)
4. Karlos und Schatze der Azteken (Perspective Group)
5. Stick, The (Perspective Group)
6. OverLoad XOR and Overflow (Perspective Group)
7. Grass (Perspective Group)
8. Color Tetris (Perspective Group)
9. Brainkrush (Perspective Group)
10. Magic Tokens (Perspective Group)

Game compilation download/voting pack at

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