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[Amstrad Action, the first magazine from Future Publishing, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week and to celebrate that fact we’re featuring articles all week specifically related to the Amstrad’s number one magazine. Following on from the tribute magazine, we publish, for the first time, Amstrad Action’s Top 10 Games of all time.]

From issue 1 to 117, Amstrad Action reviewed and rated some of the very best games that the CPC had to offer, but just what is the best AA rated game of all time? To celebrate 25 years of Amstrad Acton, we now publish, for the first time, the top 10 games reviewed in the pages of Amstrad Action, including snippets of quotes from the reviewer, convenient links to the review pages themselves and the issue in question (all linked to the CPC Oxygen AA online archives).

10) Head Over Heels (Ocean)

“Despite the similarities to Batman I really can’t praise the game highly enough. It’s so easy to start playing and you just can’t put it down as you discover new features, new rooms and puzzles that you just have to solve.” – Bob Wade, AA rating 95% (AA20)

9) Doomdark’s Revenge (Beyond)

“You could happily sit down and waste a whole day, if not a week, playing without ever wanting to leave the keyboard. The world created is so vast and absorbing that it presents a continual challenge and endless variation.” – Bob Wade, AA rating 95% (AA13)

8) Prehistorik 2 (Titus)

“They’ve got the balance perfect with P2. Each time you play, you’ll progress a little further, and each time you get a little further, you discover something new and exciting enough to make you come back for more time and time again.” – Simon Forrester, AA rating 96% (AA94)

7) Stunt Car Racer (Micro Style)

“With the pace of the race, the smoothness of the screen updates, the variety of options and more playability than any other games deserves, it stakes its claim as one of the best games ever on the CPC!” – Trenton Webb, AA rating 96% (AA59)

6) Smash TV (Ocean)

“The quality of the graphics and sound, and the incredible speed and frantic gameplay, puts STV in a class of its own… Smash TV is the home computer game the home computer market has been waiting for since 1981. Gnarly.” – Adam Peters, AA rating 96% (AA75)

5) Super Cauldron (Titus)

“You see, Cauldron One wasn’t all that good, and Cauldron Two a little dud, And with commercial things the way the are, Number three could be worse by far, But boys and girls, have no fear, The wonderful Super Cauldron’s here, With games like this we should be proud, To own a CPC – sing aloud!” – Simon Forrester, AA rating 96% (AA93)

4) Driller (Incentive)

“It’s difficult to fully appreciate a game of this originality and quality just from a review and screenshots. The sequence of screen shots gives an idea of the real environment you can move in. Being able to move under, over, around and into solid 3D objects is a revelation in itself. When it’s combined with good use of colour, wicked puzzles and a beautifully thought out game, it’s a work of genius.” – Gary Barrett, AA rating 96% (AA28)

3) Spindizzy (Electric Dreams)

“Graphically the game is superb with brilliantly designed screens in many different colours all composed of the geometric building blocks. Sound is limited to the odd effect but these are well done and alert you to things happening. The gameplay is tough to get to grips with but soon becomes a joy and a constant challenge.” – Bob Wade…

“The sheer size is impressive enough, but it’s executed with enough brilliance to make it an intstant classic. Once you’ve got the feel of the controls you’re unlikely to stop until you’ve cracked it. And that could be quite some time. Fiendishly compulsive and graphically superb, this is a knockout Mastergame.” – Peter Connor… AA rating 96% (AA6)

2) Lemmings (Psygnosis)

“Basically, Lemmings is regarded as the best computer game of all-time, and the Amstrad version is everything we could have wanted. There’s enough of a challenge to keep you plugging away for ages, too. CPC Lemmings is as stylish and as frighteningly addictive as any other version. Whether it’s the best CPC game of all time is a question that could only be settled with extreme violence.” – Adam Peters…

“Psygnosis has done an excellent job here. Everything moves well and it’s just as playable as the costly 16-bit versions. Great.” – Rod Lawton… AA rating 97% (AA82)

1) Rick Dangerous II (MircoStyle)

“Each level has an entirely different set of graphics. The background, traps and sprites have been redrawn. The start-of game music is different too, and all the music sounds finely tuned to fit in with the scenario. Play it on a plus machine and you’ll even find the stereo is used to great effect. As the laser beams thunder across the screen, the sound is echoed from side to side through the appropriate speaker! Rick Dangerous II is a very polished product indeed. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the game design, graphics and sound. In essence, it’s a simple platform game, but the way it’s been presented makes it far, far more than that.” – Adam Waring…

“The graphics are a bit blocky and the game style itself is distinctly old. But the whole thing is done just brilliantly. No question about it – an instant Mastergame!” – Rod Lawton… AA rating 97% (AA62)


*1: The full “Top 100” article was originally intended for the Amstrad Action tribute magazine, but at 10 pages, it was moved aside, never to see the light of day… Until now. Download the only existing draft of the AA Top 100 Games in PDF format.

*2: Many games listed here shared the same overall rating (e.g. two games received overall ratings of 97%), so to decide which game comes higher, we look at the next important rating, Staying Power. Example: game 1’s 97% staying power rating beats game 2’s 94% staying power rating, so Game 1 claims the higher position. If the Staying Power is also equal then the positions would be decided by the next important rating: Grab Factor.

[Retroaction will be continuing the celebration of Amstrad Action’s 25th anniversary tomorrow with more nostalgicness. Join us then.]

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  1. the game ‘SAVAGE’ is not included not even to the top 100!

    • Not quite, unfortunately. Even with a fine overall score of 86%, Savage would have been around #200 in the Amstrad Action list.

  2. Where is Ikari – Robocop – Exolon? 😀

  3. Hi Vincent,

    RoboCop was never reviewed in AA (see the AA tribute mag for the story behind this

    Exolon came in at number 41 and Ikari Warriors came in at 91. The full top 100 can be found in the previously unplublished AA tribute feature as linked in the ‘Notes’ section.

  4. I’m surprised that Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Dizzy, Slap Fight, Bard’s Tale and Jack The Nipper II didn’t make the cut

    • Unfortunately, those games were not any of the AA greats. Out of those, only the Bard’s Tale may have made the AA top 100

  5. Hi Amstrad fans, any help finding the name of some games much appreciated.
    1. Cowboy game where you have to shoot an opponent, restock your bullets at the sheriff’s place
    There was a saloon, and it would say shot hom in the back you coward of you managed to get a hit darting through the town.
    2. Game where guy had to go around collecting presents for his wife.

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