RetroGaming Roundup 22

Aug 262010

RetroGaming Roundup 22 – Stop! Thief!! is available to download. RetroGaming Roundup is a monthly podcast featuring news, interviews, links, regular features (such as ‘It Came From MAME’) and much more. The podcast can be downloaded in low or high quality as well as a special edition. Show highlights in Roundup 22 include:

  • Hardware Flashback
  • Mike’d Up
  • The Enigma Machine
  • Keith Robinson Part 1
  • The Liberace Museum
  • Guinness Gaming Records
  • Top Ten Apple 2 Games
  • I Dream Of Jeanie
  • It Came From MAME
  • Gaming Trivia
  • News And Mailbag
  • Mega Drive Or Genesis LIVE!
  • URLS And Emails

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