Back in Time: July 1990

Jul 232010

Another month and another instalment of ‘Back in Time’ at Out-of-Print Archive. This month, we look at the classic videogaming magazines from July 1990, covering such legendary UK magazines such as C&VG, Crash, Zzap!64 and more. As usual, there are online articles from the magazines covered to accompany the main feature: C&VG’s review of the arcade game G-Loc, Zzap!64 Amiga review of Blood Money on the C64, Amstrad Action’s Bloodwych review for the Amstrad CPC and Amiga Action’s Champions of Krynn review on the Amiga. Also this week, Enter issue 4 has been released. The early 80s magazine features varied content, from video games to entertainment.

Weblink: Back in Time: July 1990
Weblink: Enter issue 4

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